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Are you tired of usual job troubles?
Face them with Bonsay's Coaches!

Make online career coaching sessions
with workplace expert coaches
to make the changes you want

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Bonsay is professional growth at your fingertips!

Buy a 30-minute video session for € 49 or one
60 minutes for € 89

Our coaches are familiar with the world of work and selection processes

Based on your agenda and at the times you prefer: very wide time slot

At home, at work or elsewhere. Avoid moving and wasting time and access from any device

Book a career coaching video session now to turn your professional goals into reality  ❤️🔥

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Some examples of challenges you can face with our coaches 

  • Define your professional project

  • Improve your ways of looking for a job

  • Develop an idea to become an entrepreneur

  • Strengthen your leadership skills

  • Prepare for a job interview

  • Improve your career orientation

  • Decide whether to accept a job offer

  • Apply for career progression

  • Manage conflict with colleagues

  • Develop the way you communicate

  • Enhance your professional image

  • Present yourself in the best possible way

  • Develop and maintain your professional network

How does it work

Find the online coach on the platform, book and carry out your career advice.

At Bonsay, your professional growth is just around the corner!

Choose the best coach for you!

In Bonsay you can find a community of

online coaches that operate remotely, described by a complete professional profile.

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Book with a click

Select the availability of the coach to book your video sessions according to your hourly needs.

Start your video session

At the chosen time you will only need to connect to the Bonsay platform to access the online coaching video session!

The service is accessible from PC, Mac and Smartphone.


Put your professional development

at the center of your attention ❤️🔥

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