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Make coaching a lever for change
within organizations

Key facts

Mode : online where each course is characterized by didactic modules for individual study, virtual classroom and 1 to 1 video-sessions with teachers

Duration : 3  months for a total of 51 hours of training

Start : Saturday 11 September 2021

Formal outcome: Business Coach Bonsay Certificate - Professional Level (Bonsay is a community of performance and career coaches operating in the field of coaching in organizations and career guidance, and its brad is recognized as such)

Opportunity : join the Bonsay community to start collaborating on corporate coaching projects


The masterclass in Business Coaching is aimed at developing coaching approaches, knowledge, skills and techniques with an application focus within organizational contexts, to become a professional coach or to evolve the managerial approach in the company.


The Masterclass offers tools, methodologies and practices to apply coaching in business contexts, to better manage the challenges of the organizations involved

3 strategic learning areas, 6 virtual classrooms (4 hours on Saturday morning) and 6 e-learning modules aimed at developing a broad vision on coaching, from its origins to how today it can bring value by effectively navigating the  complexity that organizations are currently experiencing.  

The dates of the 6 virtual classrooms that will be held from 9:00 to 13:00 are:

  • Sept. 11

  • September 25

  • October 9

  • October 23

  • November 6

  • November 20

The reference maps of coaching
  • Origins, correct mindset and skills of the coach: the reference principles, types of coaching, remote coaching, the art of listening, understanding and asking

  • Coaching models and approaches: GROW model and other reference models, short problem-centered approach, short solution-centered approach, narrative approach, NLP, transactional analysis


Coaching in organizations
  • Coaching in people development systems: positioning with respect to other HR processes

  • The business coaching process: preparation, session management and closing

  • Critical success factors:  resistance to change, limiting beliefs, organizational context

  • Leading by Coaching: coaching as a style of leadership and to orient organizational culture

Application techniques
  • The tools of the coach and the action plan: the use of silence, empathy, language imperfections, action plans between one session and another

  • Application techniques and exercises to use with the coachee: the best techniques to use during a session to facilitate the reflection of the coachee 

Educational objectives of the Masterclass

  • Develop knowledge about the elements characterizing coaching, in terms of approaches, methodologies and practices

  • Develop skills on how to introduce coaching processes within corporate HR systems  

  • Develop innovative coaching skills, especially in relation to remote intervention and how to develop organizational agility thanks to the coaching approach

  • Possess a good command of the main reference models at the base of coaching, to act the role of business coach in an effective and personalized way with respect to the context of the intervention

  • Being able to carry out coaching paths bringing value also to managerial level professionals and to "strong personalities" present in the company realities

  • Manage the coaching process by effectively interfacing with all the actors involved, including the coachee manager, the company client and the reference HR

  • Develop your leadership and your role as a change agent

  • Strengthen the wealth of techniques available to a coach with consolidated experience

Who is the Masterclass for?

  • Professionals who want to develop business coaching skills to be applied in companies

  • Managers who want to develop leadership skills based on the coaching approach

  • HR managers who want to spread the principles of coaching in their organization

Participation procedure

You can participate in the Masterclass through the Bonsay eLearning platform

For each of the 6 modules you can:

computers (4).png

Access the individual modules of the course characterized by texts, videos, exercises and insights


diary (2).png

Take notes in your digital diary, define


To monitor  your action plan with respect to the contents learned




Access the exclusive community for course participants where you can interact with teachers

online (1).png

Participate in a 4-hour virtual class-room with the teachers of the course


Create one-to-one mentoring video sessions with the course teachers

(Premium Access)

The Masterclass in numbers

  • The duration of the Masterclass is 3 months

  • 6 months the possibility of accessing the platform to review the contents as much as you want

  • 51 hours  overall learning experiences online

    • 24 hours of virtual classroom , lasting 4 hours each, of which 18 of theories and 6 of exercises

    • 12 hours of asynchronous training in 6 eLearning modules

    • 15 hours of individual study and coaching simulations between participants

  • 6 modules on the main models related to coaching, on its application in the corporate world and on specific techniques to be used in the course of the sections  

  • 4 1 to 1 video mentoring sessions with teachers to explore topics of your choice (premium participation)

The reference text of the masterclass will be Fare business coaching , just published by Franco Angeli.

The book is the result of the work of the business coach community and the experience gained  years spent searching for better methods of intervention , in companies of the caliber of Olympus and  Medtronic to name a few.
The three parts of the text trace the 3 strategic learning areas of the masterclass (the theory behind coaching, its application within the HR processes typical of an organization, and different application techniques to be used with the coachee), that the participant will have consistent support to maximize their learning.

Cover Business Coaching.png

Participation fee in the Masterclass

participation  STANDARD

€ 890

All the modules of the masterclass

Standard participation includes

  • 6 e-learning modules where you will find texts, exercises, examples, insights, videos in each one

  • 6 virtual classroom of 4  hours  (one per module) where you will have the opportunity to interact with the teachers of the course  

  • The certificate of participation in the masterclass,  Business Coach Bonsay Certificate - Professional Level, provided by Bonsay



€ 1,190

All the modules of the masterclass

+ 4 individual video mentoring sessions with teachers

The partecipation  premium includes

  • 6 e-learning modules where you will find texts, exercises, examples, insights, videos in each one

  • 6 virtual classrooms of 4 hours (one per module) where you will have the opportunity to interact with the teachers of the course 

    The certificate of participation in the masterclass,  Business Coach Bonsay Certificate - Professional Level, provided by Bonsay

  • 4 30m online coaching sessions as individual career advice with the teachers of the masterclass, where you can deepen and customize the topics covered also according to your professional needs

The lecturers of the course


Marco Sarracino  

Co-founder Bonsay

Business Coach with  ACC credentials issued by the International Coach Federation (ICF), with a particular focus on issues of Leadership, Change Management, Communication, Innovation and Emotional Intelligence. After ten years of experience as a Corporate & Managerial Learning Manager within the Hera Group, he co-founded Bonsay. He is also a graduate in Occupational Psychology.


Luigi Ranieri  

Co-founder Bonsay

Expert in people development, coach and counselor, trainer and consultant, author and entrepreneur.

After ten years of corporate experience in roles as Head of people development in You Can Group and Corporate Counseling Referent in the Hera Group, in 2018 he co-founded Bonsay.  Consider the development of each person's potential as a life mission, more than just a passion.



Professionals and managers of companies will also be involved with their testimonials regarding their case studies

Do you need information?

Select a slot to book a call with a teacher of the masterclass, or write us in the form below

Frequent questions

How do I access the Masterclass?

A week before the launch we will send you a link to access the platform so that you are ready to start the journey.

Can I review the contents of the masterclass?

Yes, access to the platform is allowed for 14 months from the start of the masterclass so that you will have 5 additional months compared to the delivery period to further consolidate your learning by reviewing the contents.

Can I get an invoice?

Yes, just ask for it by writing to

Is a certificate of participation issued?

Yes, when you have finished the course we will send you the Bonsay certificate of participation.

I have a question that is not on the list, what can I do?

Simple! Write to

Fill out the form below to request information or get started  the process

registration to the Masterclass

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